Talent Pool specializes in providing recruitment services and models for various industry segments. We understand that a right resource for a company makes a huge difference for the company in terms of creating an efficient and profitable system.

We provide a range of solutions to our industrial partners in order to help them recruit the right executive:
  • Outsources hiring process
  • Complete Hiring Pocess
  • Executive Search – Expert Consultation
  • High Volume Sourcing

Since every industry has unique set of requirements, we have created a network and customized working methodology for various industry segments.


Information Technology industry has started counting on the talent pool of young and dynamic people. For the success of any company, cost- effective and productive inspired management is imperative. The Talent Pool’s team of consultants are known for their strong background in the area of IT industry. The range of solutions provided by Talent Pool include the following:

  • Operations Support
  • Service Fulfillment
  • Service Assurance
  • Billing Support Services
  • Convergence Support
  • Supplier/Partner Management


The talent pool’s consulting team is best known for their strong network with people who are working in this sector on different levels. These employees are excellent in their profession, and they also have better knowledge of companies and industry.

  • Customer A/c setup
  • Front end services
  • Billing and Account Receivables
  • Enrollment Services
  • Provider Network Services
  • Claims Management
  • Medicare Services
  • Transcription and Coding Services


Considered as a major industry that is a driving factor for other industries, Energy and Power industry employs about 2 million people in both public and private sectors. Due to increase in population and thus the demand in all other industries, this sector is growing at a regular pace.

There is a tremendous scope for the talent who can handle the commercial, environmental and social pressure of industry. Talent pool’s team helps clients with development and recruitment of talented management practices. We have strong record in identifying middle and top management candidates for many companies.



There is a significant demand of skilled professionals in Finance Services & Consulting sector, as India has become the global platform for improvisation of financial services. There is a noteworthy influence of Indian economy in the overall growth of the industry. There is an ongoing requirement of highly skilled professionals in middle management and senior management for various segments like Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Insurance Sector, Wealth Management and other sectors. Our solutions in this industry segment caters to the requirements of the following:

  • Mortgage Processing
  • Credit Card Customer Support
  • Lender Support Services
  • Retail Banking Services
  • Asset Management
  • Fund Accounting
  • Commissions
  • Fund Administration
  • Transfer Agency


Automobile Industry requires talent pool that can steer companies through these challenging times. This industry requires skillful persons which have ability to create middle as well as long term strategies. Experts are required for different fields like Engineering and R & D, Production, Quality & Maintenance, Process engineering and many more departments for this industry. Skilled manpower to handle global challenge is major requirement of this industry for future growth.

We at Talent Pool Inc. are well known for building organizations by providing talented and hard working persons. We understand requirements of organizations and always try to fulfill them. We are proud of our long standing relationship with well known companies. We work with core values like partnership, integrity and confidentiality.



Manufacturing industry requires skilled and trained manpower on a large scale as compared to other industries in segments including cement & aggregates, mining & metals, minerals, oil, gas & petroleum, agribusiness, plastics & rubber industry, packaging, water treatment, paints & lubricants, sugar, textile and glass industry.

Cost effective as well as productive management team is basic need of this industry for success. The talent pool’s consultants are known for providing right candidate for right organization from so many years in the industry. They are known for providing trained personnel, to handle every situation and never hesitate to take proper action for ensuring timely as well as positive resolution.